The New Deal

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Hey, This is Brennan Walter, and after years watching and listening to a number of various viewpoints, I've decided that I need, again, a little corner of the internets dedicated to me.


When this blog is launched tomorrow, April 25th, 2009- It will mark the beginning of something I hope that will continue for quite some time. Although I'm not going to dedicate myself to a rigorous schedule for posting, I think that this will be able to be updated as time allows, and as need arises.


The topical coverage of this blog will be largely political. I'm not going to lie. I have lots of things to rant about, but first setting everything up is the priority. I will probably cover mine, and other political opinions and point out weaknesses, hypocrisies, and just plain silly stuff. Religion will also play an important part of it, but for the most part, I'll consider this my place to have my own ideas published, recognized, and commented upon.

I look forward to coordinating with other blogs. My sister, of course, with her "Millards in the Mountains" and other family members and friends will all play huge rolls in deciphering the topic of the day. All in good fun, I hope :D


If anyone actually cares with whats going on in my life, A certain portion of this bog will be dedicated to my life, which is somewhat repetitive and boring... Oh well.


The name of the blog is "The New Deal." This was proposed by my dear cousin Jenny Fairchild. Not only is this the "New Deal" in respects to the new blog, the "New Deal" policies of FDR and the Scandinavians during the Great Depression play on much of what is happening this time in America. A bit of "New Deal" economics would be a great refresher for me, at least- and eternal credits to my cousin for the amazing name.


Thats about it for this first post... I'm almost worried about pressing the "Publish post" button... its almost ominous...



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