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Well, God kills the kittens- the Republicans kill everything else. :D

Actually, there is a sad story to this poster, because it is, to an extent, true. Funny Thing, Bill Frist (remember him?), A republican from Tennessee, performed medical experiments on shelter cats while researching the use of drugs on the mitral valve. By his own account, Frist improperly obtained these cats from Boston animal shelters, falsely telling shelter staff he was adopting the cats as pets. In his 1989 book Transplant, Frist admitted that he killed these cats during medical experiments at Harvard Medical School, as part of what he claimed were his studies.

In his book, Frist asserted that he succumbed to the pressure to succeed in a highly competitive medical school. Frist stated that he "treat[ed] them as pets for a few days" before he "cart[ed] them off to the lab to die." He went on to say, "And I was totally schizoid about the entire matter. By day, I was little Billy Frist, the boy who lived on Bowling Avenue in Nashville and had decided to become a doctor because of his gentle father and a dog named Scratchy. By night, I was Dr. William Harrison Frist, future cardiothoracic surgeon, who was not going to let a few sentiments about cute, furry little creatures stand in the way of his career. In short, I was going a little crazy." (source)(source-NY Times)

Republicans kill kittens. Its a sad fact. But thats not all.

Rudy's wife Judy cut live dogs open to demonstrate surgical tools; Mitt tying the family dog to the top of a station wagon and Mike Huckabee's son's dog-strangling "scandal" - Why is it that Republicans mistreat animals - more so than their liberal counterparts?

In his essay "Compasionate Conservatism", Matthew Scully discusses the issue in depth. In his essay, he claims he interviewed an "eminent conservative columnist," and found that, "nowhere in all his writings do I find any treatment of any cruelty issue, never mind that if you asked him he would surely agree that cruelty to animals is a cowardly and disgraceful sin- And when the subject is cruelty to farmed animals—the moral standards being applied in a fundamental human enterprise—suddenly we’re in forbidden territory and “I don’t want to know” is the best he can do."

Interesting. Although I am suspicious of this "eminent conservative columnist-" certainly, if he felt this way about cruelty to animals he may have had a different approach. We must search the essay further, until we find this logical conclusion:

Often conservatives side instinctively with any animal-related industry and those involved, as if a thing is right just because someone can make money off it or as if our sympathies belong always with the men just because they are men.

The Profit motive: Killing animals one at a time. So please, don't vote Republican...
But I digress:

Have a good weekend, Readers.

Oh, and a side note: I will delete spam-ish comments. That means you, Schuster.

ADDENDUM: Obligitory Sarah Palin reference


  1. Andrew Schechter // November 20, 2009 at 12:10 PM  

    Hmmm, interesting post. I like poking fun at people and I'm a big fan of sarcasm, but most things that are funny are at least partly true. I'm not sure what the goal of this post is.

    Are there republicans who mistreat animals? Yes. Are there democrats who mistreat animals? Yes. It would probably be difficult to write such an agressive post about them though.

    Sarcasm aside, two things strike me:
    - You said "Why is it that Republicans mistreat animals - more so than their liberal counterparts?", yet you show no proof of this claim, it seems to be a gut feeling. I doubt there's much merit in this statement.

    - The left wing in this country vilify conservatives as evil and greedy. The same left that makes protecting kittens more of a priority than protecting babies. The same left that puts the priorities of animals over the priorities of the poor and needy.

    Do animals deserve to be treated humanely, yes, but lets not forget that they are just animals. No soul, no sins, just animals. The treatment of animals is between you and your god, it should not be the business of the government.

    If republicans side with animal-related industries, it's because republicans value people and value the economy more than the animals. We should discuss the merits of these points.

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