List of my top 5 favorite Republicans

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I keep toying with the idea of this list in my mind, so here we go:

1) Anh "Joseph" Cao.

A Representitive from a liberal Louisiana district, Rep. Cao was the sole republian voter for the Health Care reform bill in the house. After the passage of the Stupak Ammendment, erradicating abortion-related language in the bill, Cao, a devout catholic {1}, said that the bill was what the mostly impoverished people of his district needed. Kudos to this man, who put people in front of politcs, and idiologies second to real, progressive change to getting basic care to those who need it.

2) Dede Scozzafava.

Sarah Palin can see New York State from her house. New York State congressional candidate Dede Scozzafava, whom I believe was an incumbent dropped out of the election when Sarah Palin butted in. Palin was "disgusted" with Scozzafava's moderate Republicanism, and endorsed a right-winger who was more in line with her party's "just say no" politics. Scozzafava, while she was in Congress, was fiscally conservative. She often pushed for fiscal disclipine at the national level {2}, but unfortuneately for her, she compromised. She was non-discriminational: She supported making homosexual marriages a decision for couples to make in New York, and she also pushed for keeping abortion decisions between families. Because of these two social isssues, she was too far into the "dark side" for that little lady from Wasilla. So, when her right-wing opposition (who lived out-of-state and had no idea of any of the local issues -going so far to complain about a newspaper's questions not being presented to him beforehand when they were printed in a local paper the day before the interview) started making a fool of himself, she dropped out and supported her democratic opposition, William L. Owens. Owens will soon be sworn in as the next representitive for her district. Thank you, Dede.

3) Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln is pretty cool. He passed the homestead act, created the transcontinental railroad, created the first income tax, increased the federal tariff, guaranteed fair republican governments in every state, created the department of agriculture, the first government (chartered to banks) issued paper currency, and made Thanksgiving a federal holiday, and fought with tact to end the civil war. Thanks, Abe!

(To my Constitution Party friends, He violated the constitution in double-digit amounts in his tenure, more so than any other President.)

And conservatives champion him as a good representitive of their beliefs. Here here!

4) Gen. Colin Powell .

Basically, this guy is really cool because he endorsed Obama and he was a Republican. Although many conservatives may call him a RINO (Republican-in-name-only), Powell supported Obama because he supported an exit strategy from the wars in the middle east. What a novel idea! Although we haven't yet seen this exit strategy, At least Mr. Powell was keeping the best interests of our troops in mind when he made his endorsement, instead of simply going political. Powell had served under both Bushs and beyond, keeping the war department in line with his ice stare. Meanwhile, on the campaign front, Sarah Miss Pale-in was telling the world media it would be a good idea to nuke Pakistan. McCain later denied these claims, excusing them because Palin couldn't hear the question correctly (she was talking to a voter, so either she really thinks that, or she isn't listening to the American people).

Anyway, why would you even say that? Even if you didn't understand the question? Thats the question I don't understand.

5) *shudders* Sarah Palin *shudders again*.

Now, anyone that knows me will be riddiculously surprised to see Sarah Palin on this list. From me. Although your eyes are not decieving you. Sarah Palin is on the list, albeit, the last on this list of my faviorite Republicans. Why, you ask? Good question. I don't know if I'm in my right mind right now. I'm unsure, even, if this is even me writing this, because I certainly do not agree with Sarah Palin. at all. (except when she said saving the economy was all about job creation and the bailout... and the health reform would do that... Then I agree with her).

No, Sarah Palin is on my list because she is the catalyst, a battering ram if you will, to the destruction of the Republican Party. It is my firm belief that Ms. Palin is diving the party into three categories: Those who will always vote Republican, Those who would have voted Republican but now won't, and those who hate Sarah Palin, and there are many. See, Palin's radical conservatism- not fiscal conservatism (she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, see, infastructure is really, really, really cool if you're not a national embarrasment), but social conservatism- especially against gays and lesbains, is a turn off to most conservatives. Although she's got the niche market of chirstian, fundamentalist republicans cornered, moderates are just outraged. The Mormons, even, (Mittens Romney, ring a bell) have recently chastized her and supported a law in Salt Lake City allowing Gays and Lesbians to work in government, which previously was illiegal- and fiscal conservatives are much the same. Where Libertarians were likely to vote on the conservative ticket, the anti-social progressiveness from Sarah and those like her turn away votes that could be garnered from the surprisingly large block, what until the Christian Political Revolution made up the Republican party.

This is why Sarah Palin is cool, she's doing Dem's work for us: dividing the party, making it much easier to get elected by being somewhat intelligent.


I expect to update this list every so often. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave your own comments on who you think should be here. I have Annonymous commenting turned on, but it would be nice to see who reads this, so sign your name or something if you feel like it. Otherwise, I understand the respect for privacy.

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  1. Anonymous // November 12, 2009 at 10:02 PM  

    Dede Scozzafava wasn't an incumbent. It was an open race. She was hand picked by a few Republican leaders in the state. The people of the district didn't get a chance to vote in the primary. And she isn't a "moderate." She was more liberal than the Democrat in the race, which is why the founder of the liberal Daily Kos website endorsed her.

  2. Anonymous // November 13, 2009 at 7:27 AM  
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  4. THE BOSS // November 13, 2009 at 7:38 AM  
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  5. Anonymous // November 13, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

    Markos Moulitsas never endorsed Dede Scozzafava. He didn't endorse anyone in that race.

    The "Democrat in the race" who won the election voted for health care reform. Thank you right-wingers in upstate New York. We appreciate your conservative purity.

  6. Anonymous // November 13, 2009 at 11:15 PM  

    He did endorse her at first, and then he back tracked.

    He stated that she was the most liberal candidate in the race, which was true. She had no reason to call herself a Republican. She was liberal on 90% of the issues. A liberal Republican like Scozzafava shouldn't be confused with a moderate Republican like McCain. I'll gladly accept moderate Republicans, but just not liberal Republicans.

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